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Quallet HVAC provides Abington with expert installation, repair and maintenance services on both boilers, and forced hot air furnaces. More and more Abington homeowners call on Quallet HVAC everyday for all of their home heating needs.

The difference between boilers and furnaces is that boilers heat water to provide heat to radiators, baseboard units, and even radiant subfloor heating installations. Most boiler type heaters are either powered by gas or oil, but can also be electric. Furnaces heat moving air, typically using a gas burner, and distribute it throughout your home using ducts. Cold air is moved back to the furnace via the return ducts throughout your home.

If you're looking to replace your old, inefficient heater - either to save money on your monthly heating bills, or because your old furnace is too expensive to repair, Quallet HVAC can evaluate and recommend the perfect heating solution for your Abington home. Based on your financial, health and comfort needs, as well as the cost of either electricity or natural gas in your area, we can determine which type and brand of heater is best suited to your needs now, and for years to come.

Two other heating options that we specialize in are heat pumps and ductless split systems. Both heat pumps and ductless split systems offer the utmost in energy efficiency for your Abington home. A heat pump works like an air conditioner in reverse. Using a compressor, condensor and evaporator a heat pump draws warm air from one location to another. A traditional heat pump can be installed like a central air conditioner and hooked up to your existing duct work, or can be installed as a split system with in one or more rooms. The split system is a great option if you typically only need to heat (and cool) a few rooms in your home.