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SpacePak is an innovator in the realm of small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) central air conditioning systems. An Quallet HVAC installed SpacePak system will deliver uniform, year-round comfort, with fewer of the unwanted challenges common to other central heating and air-conditioning systems. Installation requires no major renovations - even in homes without existing duct work!. Achieve quiet, cost-effective comfort for virtually any home or small office, regardless of the structure's design, age, size, or construction type.

SpacePak uses a unique system of air distribution in the home that actively circulates air within the room and throughout the structure's entire living/working space. This highly efficient air circulation method is what makes SpacePak central air so uniformly comfortable; no cold or warm spots, no drafts, and up to 30% more humidity removed.

SpacePak floor vent installation
SpacePak 2 inch round duct is all that you see in your home

Instead of using large, metal ductwork, SpacePak uses a 2" insulated mini duct to keep air moving consistently. The tubing is seamless, so doesn't waste energy through leaks in sheet metal. The narrow diameter tubing can be placed in the spaces behind existing walls and floors, and can be installed with virtually no disrubtion to livable space or to architectural features.

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