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Abington Abington Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters

Thinking about a new water heater for your Abington home, and not sure if you should got with a traditional tank water heater, or a new tankless model? The answer is simple! Quallet HVAC now installs the Eternal Advanced Hybrid Water Heating systems!

With a traditional water heater, 40 or 50 gallons of water is kept hot in a tank and released when a hot water spigot is opened. With a tankless water water there is no storage tank, and water is heated as needed on-demand. A traditional water heater can be energy inefficient in that you're paying to keep water hot when it's not in use, and tankless water heaters can suffer from pressure changes depending on the incoming water temperature.

With the Eternal system, you get the best of both! A small tank that is kept hot and can provide instant hot water at consistent pressures regardless of incoming water temperature. As the hot water in the storage tank is used, the Eternal begins to operate like a tankless water heater and begins heating incoming water.

Eternal Hybrid Water Heater Cutaway

Eternal Hybrid™ and Eternal Condensing Hybrid™ work on the Counter Flow Principle. This is an opposite approach to the way the industry has traditionally built water heating appliances. Unlike any other water heater appliance, Eternal has achieved the highest efficiency in the industry without sacrificing your comfort.

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